Fabio Volpi (a.k.a. Dies_) was Born in 1971, formed at first as a visual graphic and then started to study Architecture in Milan and at the University EPFL of Lausanne in Switzerland, and obtaining his degree in 1998 .

From 2001, he became member of Otolab collective, participating in the creation of multimedia events that will be performed live in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Brussels, Paris, Mexico City, Oslo, Berlin, Toulouse, Tunis and Montreal.

In 2003 he found ECHRAN, an electronic-experimental noise band, and record 2 albums “Echran”(Ebria Records) and “In Offret” for the label A Silent Place. As member of the duo AU+ (electro/ jazz/industrial) has released “ Emily” 4 tracks tape version for Minimal Trends Records (2014) and the cd FROM MARS TO NY for Frequenza Records (2015).

In 2008, he worked out graphics and visuals for multimedia performances of contemporary music ensemble “Sincronie“, performed live in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia. Since 2008 he started to teach representation theory and sound design at “R. Bauer” in Milan. In 2010,  at the Gallery Fabbrica Borroni in Bollate (MI), showed his paintings generated from live media performance “Les Champs magnétiques”, winning the international competition “Celeste Prize” in Berlin.

The teaching activities at the CFP Bauer, N.A.B.A. and RUFA academy are  integrated with media artistic creations for Otolab and AU+. Since 2012 is involved in Materia Sonica (Sonic Matter) and actually in Monoc contemporary music collective , Artchipel Orchestra, Vox Aurea Orchestra and projection mapping live performances. In 2019, is awarded with first prize of video mapping international contest in Kiev.

+ contacts to:

Performances, installations, workshops & exhibitions (otolab – dies_)

Performances 2019
23.03.19 DIES_ live audio visual performance, ToFP, Milan
24.04.19 DIES_ live audio visual performance, ToFP, Milan
27.04.19 AU+ live audio visual performance @ Materia Sonica, Varese
21.05.19 Digital scenography for Dante’s Inferno roundtrip, Milan
01.06.19 DIES_ Telediluce live audiovisual performance, Milan
27.09.19 DIES_ BROKEN BEAUTY first prize competition video mapping, Kiev
10.12.19 Visuals for Phase Duo, Planetarium Milan
16.12.19 Pelton audiovisual installation (otolab)@ Musil Cedegolo (Bs)

Performances 2018
24.02.18 R:RMX, audio visual performance, Expanded Visions, Macerata
16.03.18 Live Visual for Artchipel Orchestra, Fontana theater, Milan
15.05.18 Mirapunzel, digital scenography, Conservatory of music, Milan
19.05.18 NATURE CODEX Finalist at KLF Mapping festival in Kiev
24.05.18 Lord of the Rings, visual live for Vox Aurea Orchestra, Milan
23.06.18 Tosca, video live scenography, Vox Aurea Orchestra, Milan
31.08.18 R:RMX, audio visual performance, Aosta

Performances 2017
23.01.17 Resilience, audio visual performance, Teatro S.Fedele, Milan
02.05.17 Resilience, audio visual performance, UNIfestival, Macerata
11.05.17 Mirapunzel, digital scenography, Conservatory of music, Milan
22.07.17 Doubleglass, a/v performance @ Musical Zoo Festival, Brescia
23.09.17 Ursss visual live set, @ Macao, Milan

Performances 2016
05.03.16 Resilience, audio visual performance, Spazio Teatro Idra, Brescia
30.03.16 Noise Layers, installation + audio visual performance, BASE Milano
07.06.16 Video mapping Cesate library, Milan
20.06.15 Fields, a/v performance, HSF Festival, Tolosa (Francia)
20.08.16 Live Video mapping presso la Chiesa di S.Antonio, Capraia

performances 2015
09.01.15 Video Mapping, Unified Gears @ Phat, Milan
27.02.15 Fields, a/v performance @ Macao, Milan
11.04.15 Fields, a/v performance @ Macao, Milan
09.07.15 Acrossing Luma a/v installation @ Video Sound Art festival, Milan
24.07.15 Fields, a/v performance @ Musical Zoo Festival, Brescia
24.07.15 Mater, a/v performance @ Musical Zoo Festival, Brescia
30.10.15 Fields, a/v performance @ Spektrum, Berlin

performances 2014
08.04.14 In to the trees, a/v installation @ Secret Garden Exibhition. Milan
14.05.14 Underwater, live videomapping over “Infrazioni” sculpture. Milan
10-22.08.14 Ordo Coelestis a/v installation. Expo Gate, Milan
18.09.14 Magnetic variations @ LCF Live Cinema Festival, Rome
20.12.14 Magnetic variations @ XM24, Bologna

performances 2013
04.04.13 Stand Alfex @ Baselworld. Video Mapping 3d and sound. Basel
04.10.13 Robot festival,Bleeding, Bologna
31.10.13 Expanded Cinema, Bleeding, Oslo (Nr)
18.12.13 Mechanical Lanscapes. Video Mapping 3d. Museo M.I.L.S. Saronno (Va)

performances 2012
04.02.12 otolab a/v installations and live performances, Spazio Concept, Milan
01.06.12 Diorama Magazine Launch – Issue 02, Bleeding, Spazio Concept, Milan
21.06.12 Audiovisiva, Rotoscape, interactive installation, Villa Arconati, Bollate
14.10.12 Kontraste festival, Bleeding, Krems, (AU)
17.11.12 Visionsonic, Bleeding, Saint Ouen, Paris, (FR)

performances 2011
17.07.11 Resonance, Sound Performance for Laboratorio Alchemico. Cremeno
07.10.11 Variazioni Magnetiche, live a/v performance, @ Studio 28, Milan
07.10.11 Variazioni Magnetiche live a/v performance, @  Fond. Merz. Turin
01.10.11 Bergamo Scienza, LCM  live a/v performance,Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo

performances 2010
13.02.09 Verso l’età d’oro, live a/v performance, @ Studio 28, Milan
14.05.2010 Sinergie, LCM live a/v performance, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate, Milan
30.09.2010 TecArtEco, Verso l’età d’oro, live a/v performance, Como
01.10.2010 TecArtEco, LCM live a/v performance, Ex mercato coperto, Como

performances 2009
13.02.09 Verso l’età d’oro, live a/v performance, @ Studio 28, Milan
09.05.09 op7, live a/v, @ Elektra Festival, Montreal, Canada
25.09.09 LCM [les champs magnétiques], live a/v performance, @ Celeste Prize, Alte AEG Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
27.09.09 LCM, live a/v performance, @ Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate, (Mi)
04.12.09 LCM, live a/v performance, @ Pixxelab, N.Gorica, Slovenia

performances 2008
11.04.08 Nemò Festival, op7, live a/v performance, Elysées Biarritz, Paris
10.05.08 Dissonanze 2008, Shadowplay, live visuals, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome

performances 2007
27.01.07 Whole Lotta Love, Love Party, Nuke belly button, live visual performance, Leoncavallo, Milan
03.02.07 Italian Renaissance, World Tour, op7 – , Fonderia, R. Emilia
21.04.07 Nada, op7, live audiovisual performance, NABA, Milano
23.06.07 Portobeseno 2007, Orizzonte degli eventi, Punto Zero, live a/v performance Castel Pietra, Calliano, Rovereto
31.10.07 Panorama festival, op7, live audiovisual performance, Naples
06.12.07 Forum universal de las culturas, op7, live, Monterrey, Mexico
11.12.07 Lab. de Arte Alameda, Verso l’età d’oro + op7, live, México DF
12.12.07 Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, Verso l’età d’oro, live a/v performance, Morelia, Mexico

performances 2006
28.01.06 Media’06, nuke belly-button, otolab & dingdongmusic audiovisual performance, Boart, Villa Serena, Bologna
24.03.06 Corti di danza d’autore,”leave” video, Teatro Nuovo, Turio
19/20.05.06 Dissonanze’06, Stare_mesto, live audiovisual performance, Palazzo dei Congressi, EUR, Rome
26.05.06 Mixed Media Festival, op7, audiovisual performance, Hangar Bicocca, Milan
27.05.06 Mixed Media Festival, Stare_mesto, a/v performance, Hangar Bicocca, Milan
10.06.06 Fare festival, Dakar-bn, live audiovisual performance, Castello di Pavia, Pavia
15.07.06 Portobeseno 2006, Verso l’eta’ d’oro, live audiovisual performance, Castello di Beseno, Besenello, Rovereto
01.09.06 Piombino eXperimenta, Stare_mesto, live audiovisual performance, Piombino
11.10.06 Sincronie 2006, CHEW-Z, Colliding Heterophonic Waves, Otolab, live audiovisual performance,Milan
13.10.06 Rec Festival, Sincronie 2006, CHEW-Z, Otolab, a/v performance, Reggio Emilia
03.11.06 DGD/p, di Riccardo Nova + Pansonic, live visual performance, Teatro della Cavallerizza, ReggioEmilia
02.12.06 Festival della creatività, Screen Music, op7 – live a/v performance, Fortezza da Basso, Florence
31.12.06 Take your time, Proper Beat for Contemporary Art, live visual performance, spazio Lambretto, Milan

performances 2005
27_02_05 Stare Mesto, livemedia set, Share Festival, Turin
04_03_05 otolab audiovisual performance, Cox18, Milan
30_03_05 Screening otolab clips, locale arci S’agapò, Milan
22_04_05 Boccaccio birthday party 01, Foa Boccaccio, Monza
21_05_05 audiovisual set, Teatro CRT, Milan
16_07_05 Love Party all U need is love, otolab visual sets, Cascina Torchiera, Milan
01_10_05 Money can’t buy me love! love party, visual set, FOA Boccaccio, Monza
08_10_05 Start party, visual sets, Triennale di Milano, Milan
22_10_05 Stare Mesto, live audiovisual performance, Hybridaspace, Tarcento, Udine
28_10_05 otolab video screening, Locale arci S’Agapo’, Milan
19_11_05 Afe party, live audiovisual performances, CSA Baraonda, Segrate, Milan
03_12_05 Re:Charge, otolab visual performance, Area Bovisa (ex gasometro), Milan
15_12_05 Sincronie 2005, East a.k.a. West, audiovisual performances, Museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci”, Milan

performances 2004
14_10_04 echran + otolab audiovisual live sets, Circolo Auprema,, Milan
22_10_04 impro sessions, Circolo Artemisia, Milan
19_11_04 echran + otolab, audiovisual live sets, C S Baraonda, Segrate, Milan
27_11_04 Sincronie 2004, Electric Trance, PAC, Milan
10_12_04 +kaos,:,,, dj/vj set, Xm24, Bologna

performances 2003
12_04_03 No war for oil, otolab against war, TPO, Bologna
10_05_03 ContactEurope vj festival, Leoncavallo, Milano
27_06_03 Progettozero(+), Bassano del Grappa
12/13_09_03 NoVapour 04, Leoncavallo, Milan
27_09_09 Urban, Cinisello, Milan
17_10_03 Soup, Rolling stones, Milan
15_11_03 Skyline Nr.9, Moov03 media art festival, New York
30_11_03 Experience de Vol n.5, Marni Theater, Bruxelles
06_12_03 Criticalmass party, Bulk, Milan

performances 2002
09_03_02 Polimeri party, Gheroartè Association, Corsico, Milan
28_03_02 Ultimate beach party, Paganello, Rimini
13_04_02 Critical mass party, CSOA Bulk, Milan
11_05_02 CSOA Baraonda, Segrate, Milan
21_06_02 Cantieri Isola, Milan
22_06_02 Hackmeeting, TPO, Bologna
13_07_02 +kaosparty, CSOA Bulk, Milan
14_09_02 No-vapour ’02, CS Leoncavallo, Milan
22_11_02 +kaosparty, CSOA Baraonda, Segrate, Milan

performances 2001
28_08_01 Terzo Cerimoniale Ritmico Sintetico, Villa Capriglio, Turin
27_10_01 Railway Party 01, Gheroartè Association, Corsico, Milan
17_11_01 Railway Party 02, Gheroartè Association, Corsico, Milan
28_11_01 Climax, CSOA Pergola, Milan

seminars and workshops

22/25.03.18 Workshop projection mapping Bovisa Fab Lab – Video Sound Art
25/26.11.17 Workshop Projection Mapping 2017 N.A.B.A, Milan
22/25.03.17 Video Mapping Teatro Franco Parenti Video Sound Art
02.10.16 Live Videomapping workshop, Video Sound Art, Milan
18.10.15 Live Videomapping workshop, Video Sound Art, Milan
05.06-06.07.15 Audiovisual Installation workshop, Video Sound Art, Milan
18/19.04.15 Audiovisioni on Ableton Live! otolab, Milan
12/21.05.15 3d design for digital fabrication – workshop, Wemake! Milan
18/24.06.14 Sketchup for digital fabrication – workshop, Wemake! Milan
11.07.14 Videoclip come forma d’arte – lecture, Gamec, Bergamo
17/18.05.14 Workshop: live visual mapping for vjing e installations, Gello (Pi).
12/13.04.14 Audiovisioni on Ableton Live! otolab, Milan
10/20.12.13 DIY e Punk capitalismo – a/v performance, accademia di Brera, Milan
18/19.05.13 Audiovisioni on Ableton Live! otolab, Milan
10/01.10 LABA live audiovisual performance, Brescia
10/13.06.09 MUV festival – workshop  audiovisual design and live media, Florence


14.28-04.19 Materia Sonica, Diastima, Varese
22-31.07.15 Materia Sonica, A+B Gallery, Brescia
12.2012. Subterranean Modern. Collective exhibit at Tortona 32 gallery. Milan
01-13.05.12 Materia Sonica, IML Gallery, Milan
08-22.10.11 Trace Becoming Art, Studio 28, Milan
14.05.10 Sinergie, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate, Milan
14.09.09 Abstracta 2009, otolab video: V_, Rome
07.11.07 Traffic Gallery, op7, stampe digitali and video installation, Bergamo
03.02.07 Italian Renaissance,– esposizione di opere grafiche, Fonderia, Reggio Emilia
14.09.06 Abstracta 2006, Mostra Internazionale del Cinema Astratto, otolab video: Remains 01, Remains 02,Rome
30_04_05 otolab 3 frames, Borderline Arte Contemporanea, Vigevano (PV)
01/31_07_04 otolab, progetti audiovisivi 2001-2004, MLAC, “La Sapienza” University, Rome


15.01.20 Finalist at ACSEE Festival with “Bird on the wires”projection mapping
28.09.19 1st prize at KLF light Festival with “Broken Beauty”projection mapping
18.05.18 Finalist at KLF light Festival with “Nature Codex” projection mapping
17.05.2017 Best Documentary for L’amore che sbrana – Tearing Love – soundtrack
22.10.2016 Cosmic Vagina soundtrack, 2nd Prize Punto y Raya Festival 2016 @ ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe
2015 Tearing love, Cinevana New York, 1st prize short documentary – soundtrack
25.09.09 LCM [les champs magnétiques], 1st prize live audiovisual performance, @ Celeste Prize, Alte AEG Fabrik, Berlin, Germany
19.09.04 Sferanera + XXX + Land, Premio Dino Villani 2004, Arte digitale, Galleria del Premio Suzzara, Suzzara
11.09.04 Sferanera + XXX, Videominuto PopTV, XII edizione, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
15.11.03 Skyline Nr.9, selected for Moov03 media art festival, New York
13.09.03 clip Sferanera selected for Videominuto 2003, New Italian Wave, Prato

Live Visuals – ensemble Sincronie

27.05.09 Electric Trance, Visual Performance, Salihara teather, Jakarta, Indonesia
31.05.09 Electric Trance, Visual Performance, Bale Budaya KlungKung, Bali, Indonesia
02.06.09 Electric Trance, Visual Performance, Ambasciata italiana Jakarta, Indonesia
15.12.08 Electric Trance, Visual Performance, Museo della Scienza, Milan

Live Visuals – Artchipel Orchestra

06.07.14 FASANO JAZZ FESTIVAL feat. Keith Tippett/Julie Tippett/AU+, Fasano
15.07.14 ARTCHIPEL FESTIVAL 2014, Rho
16.07.14 ARTCHIPEL live Castello Sforzesco, Milan
26.03.15 POLLOCK SUITE, teatro Leonardo, Milan
16.03.18 Artchipel Top Jazz, teatro Fontana, Milan

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